3D for Travel & Hospitality

How Zuant can Transform Travel & Hospitality?

Invite your clients to step inside your hotel before they arrive.

Let soon-to-be newlyweds explore the honeymoon suite, discover the hot tub, glance over the menu and fall in love with your bridal suite.

Escort business executives to the corporate function rooms and facilities, and give them the opportunity to visualise their next corporate event in your hotel.

Matterport 3D scanning technology brings your hotel to life and provides a fully immersive experience before they have even stepped foot inside the lobby.

Zuant 3D in Action

Explore the 3D space below

3D Travel & Hospitality Statistics

increase in bookings
greater engagement with 3D tours vs 3D imagery
increase in web engagment and customer reviews

Zuant 3D Revolutionising Travel & Hospitality By:

Create a digital twin using Matterport 3D Scanning with the intuitive Zuant Dashboard that shows you in real-time how many visitors have explored your virtual hotel and where they spent the most time.

Talk to a Live Receptionist to enhance the customer experience by providing instant access to a knowledgeable representative. This allows potential guests to ask questions, get clarification on details, and receive immediate assistance, further streamlining the booking process.

Content Showroom for Brochures which allows users to easily identify and access specific information, products, and areas of interest within the virtual environment, enhancing the overall user experience and providing a more intuitive and efficient way to access information.

Showcase your facilities using the Dollhouse view and virtual staging and watch bookings increase with each virtual visit.

Zuant 3D x Matterport for Travel & Hospitality

Zuant x Matterports 3D Technology is a cutting-edge solution for the travel and hospitality industry. It provides a comprehensive and interactive 3D digital twin of Hospitality settings, which allows customers to experience a property before visiting it in person. With this technology, customers can take virtual tours and explore as if they were actually there. A unique and immersive experience.


  • Dollhouse and Google Street Views
  • Set Client expectations immediately and accurately
  • Accelerate bookings with virtual, immersive experiences of the property
  • Design a perfectly furnished walkthrough 3D tour with virtual staging
  • Digital twin technology provides visitors with floor plans of your facilities